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Sudirman One
(The First Superblock and The Biggest Property Project in The City of Tangerang

Selling apartments in the city of Tangerang.
Type : Studio/1 bedroom, 2/3 bedroom
Luas : 45,9 & 91,8 m2
View : Golf, City, Lake
Sudirman One with an area of 10 ha.
There is a lake in front of the apartments and is located in the center of the property price that costs continue to rise.
Situated in a modern residential land price 15 million per meter.
Located on the main road and in a very rapid development.
The best property superblock projec t with the concept of which there are:
 TangCity Bussiness Park
 TangCity Mall
 Hotel Novotel
 Hotel Amaris
 Park Plaza
 TangCity Residence
 City Park
The access road is very wide, strategic location and easy to reach.
Amenities: Close to mall, close to the hospital, the location in the city center, close to campus, close to the office area, close to the modern golf course land, etc.
Precise timing; mall locations already finished and has been operating with a high level of consumer traffic, there is also food court, where children play, fitness center & training track,& NANO
There are about 20 national banks.
Progress of development: under construction.
Worth: USD 600 million
Certificate of Ownership
Condition : Unfurnished.
Facility : All in One Place
Developer by Trivo.
Contractor by PT PP.

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